Body Contouring

Many people who have made a painstaking effort to lose weight – as well as moms and others who live a healthy lifestyle – are burdened with stubborn fat pouches or residual skin that no exercise or diet will fix. Dr. Joseph Serota offers a variety of options to give both men and women the final results they are seeking.

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  • Brazilian Butt Lift

    Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have made curvaceous backsides a fashion must-have. Today, women are celebrating their curves. If you were not born with a shapely silhouette, you can now achieve this look through a fat transfer technique performed by Dr. Joseph Serota. The Solution: Brazilian Butt Lift… Read More

  • Fat Transfer

    Do you feel that you have too much fat in some areas and not enough in others? Dr. Joseph Serota has a safe and effective method to correct that imbalance. The Solution: Fat Transfer After liposuction became widely available in the 1980s, it became safer and easier to… Read More

  • Labiaplasty

    Feelings of discomfort in the vaginal area can often stem from the physical attributes of the labia (the vaginal lips). Whether a genetic trait or the result of vaginal childbirth, having a loose labia can be difficult for women to handle. The Solution: Labiaplasty Surgery in Aurora Female genital plastic… Read More

  • Liposuction

    Deposits of stubborn, excess fat anywhere on the body can make otherwise confident people feel insecure about their appearance. If diet and exercise programs fail to help you achieve your desired body contours, Dr. Joseph Serota may be a viable alternative. The Solution: Liposuction in Aurora Liposuction is a procedure… Read More

  • Tummy Tuck

    A protruding abdomen can be a cause of distress for men and women alike. It can be the result of heredity, excess fat, weak abdominal muscles, pregnancy or loose skin that has been over-stretched and no longer responds to diet and exercise. More and more people are experiencing these problems,… Read More