Joseph Serota, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

What to Expect

Preparing Yourself for Cosmetic Surgery

Last Minute Cold Feet

It is completely normal to question the decision to have cosmetic surgery many times before actually having a procedure. The best way to ease your anxieties is by choosing a surgeon that you feel 100% confident with – one that has a superb track record of success and a long list of satisfied patients – a doctor like Joseph Serota, MD. When you fully trust your doctor, you can worry less about issues such as:

  • Satisfaction with the end results
  • Risks of complications or infection
  • Anesthesia risks

Dr. Serota and his team are always available to address any concerns or anxieties you may have. They can also help you decide whether the benefits of surgery outweigh the potential risks. Ultimately, it is always your decision. When you are ready to proceed, our team will guide and support you every step of the way.

The Day of Cosmetic Surgery

DON’T eat or drink anything unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Serota. This may seem like a terrible way to start an already anxious day, but there is a reason. Your stomach must be empty during cosmetic surgery to minimize the risk of vomiting and make your procedure as safe as possible. If you take prescription medications, ask our team whether or not you should take them the morning of plastic surgery with a sip of water. ALWAYS leave your jewelry at homeDo NOT drive yourself to surgery.

When you arrive at the cosmetic surgery center, you’ll change into a gown. The nurse or anesthesiologist will check your vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate). Dr. Serota will make marks with a felt pen before surgery and may take additional pre-operative photographs. You may be given a sedative before being brought into the operating room.

After Cosmetic Surgery

Following most operations, you will be allowed to go home when you are awake and alert. For extensive or lengthy procedures, such as tummy tucks or facelifts, an overnight stay may be required.

Take our free online Cosmetic Self-Evaluation to find out what procedures might be best for you.

To schedule your confidential Cosmetic Consultation, call 303-367-9000.

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